LondON Climate Action Week harnesses the power of London for global climate action.

London Climate Action Week (LCAW) is a groundbreaking annual festival that brings together individuals, organisations and communities as they host a diverse range of events and collaborations with a focus on finding global solutions to climate change.

The week aims to demonstrate the whole of society engagement needed to support the delivery of decarbonisation and resilience as well as stimulate other global cities to host similar events.

LCAW was founded in 2019 by E3G in partnership with the Mayor of London. Its unique ethos was built through consultation with hundreds of stakeholders who wanted the week to drive global action but also be embedded in the complex realities of a highly diverse and populous global city.


Now in its sixth year, London Climate Action Week marks the midpoint in the global climate calendar. 

This year, London Climate Action Week aims to provide a globally visible moment to address four key themes:

1. The road to climate ambition at COP 30 with a focus on the cooperation, politics and diplomacy needed to deliver a 1.5C aligned outcome in 2025.

2. Financing the global climate transition exploring how reform of public and private finance systems can support a new global finance goal at COP 29 and future climate action.

3. Delivering a net zero and resilient UK with pre – or post – election discussions on how to deliver the transformations needed across the UK, London’s role in shaping this and delivery of London’s ambitious 2030 net zero target.

4. Mobilising whole of society climate action with a focus on mobilising key networks in law, education, health, fashion, arts , culture and beyond. A core set of flagship events across all these themes is already in preparation and the aim is to make LCAW significantly more visible globally, and to Londoners, in 2024.