What’s Sexism Got to Do with the Climate Crisis

Greenpeace, Canonbury Villas, London N1 2PN
In-person Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action Open entry Health Resilience

About this Event

This 90 minute workshop is open to everyone who is interested in the impact of the climate crisis on women and girls, and how listening exchanges can support and sustain us to lead the changes needed to create an economic system that works for all of us and for the planet.

The panellists for this workshop will provide information about the relationship between the climate and sexism and the role men can play as allies, and there will be opportunities to hear from workshop participants and for all of us to practise listening exchanges.

When we build alliances across our differences as women and girls, with men doing the same to become our dependable allies, we are among the most powerful forces in ending climate devastation and achieving social change. We hold vital knowledge as caregivers, land and resource stewards, and leaders of communities.
Listening to each other and assisting each other to recover from the harms of sexism – intersecting with all other oppressions – can help us build those alliances.

Sustaining All Life is a global organisation that allies with and supports organisations and individuals working to end the climate crisis.
We provide tools that assist people to address emotional barriers to effective climate organising and to uncover and heal from the damage and separation caused by oppression.