Webinar: Global Carbon Price Risk scenarios – How the expansion of carbon pricing can impact corporates and financial assets

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About this Event

Climate transition risk is increasingly affecting financial assets and portfolios. However, recent stress tests by the ECB, Bank of England and most recently the Fed have found that such risks are not adequately understood.

In this Webinar, SparkChange carbon market experts Philipp Ruf and Jan Ahrens are joined by Marissa Santikarn, Director at Pollination, to discuss how carbon pricing is rapidly expanding globally, and what this means for companies and the underlying financial assets. Join us to understand:

  • How will the carbon price expansion unfold in the next 36 months?
  • Why is the carbon footprint an inadequate proxy for carbon price exposure?
  • How is evolving climate regulation affecting the carbon price risk of companies in different sectors?
  • How can you identify embedded carbon price risk across a range of regulatory scenarios?
  • How can you profit from the divergence between granular and forward-looking carbon price risk indicators, traditional ESG metrics and analyst consensus?

SparkChange is a specialist data and intelligence provider enabling the integration of compliance carbon pricing into investment and risk frameworks. Its team of experienced carbon experts has created a unique data model to assess risks and opportunities arising from compliance carbon pricing on 10,000+ companies.