Unlocking Islamic Sustainable Finance

PwC, 7 More London Pl, London SE1 2RT
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About this Event

There is an increasing demand for sustainability-aligned investment and finance opportunities. The UKIFC estimate a $1trillion Islamic sustainable finance opportunity that can help drive the global sustainability transition to accomplish the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Net Zero objectives, coinciding with the sector’s predicted rise to $5.9 trillion.

The power roundtable will explore how this can be achieved and the opportunity for London as a Western hub and global gateway for Islamic finance.

On the day, High-Level Working Group on Green Sukuk Chair, Shrey Kohli (LSEG) will discuss the market dynamics for Green, Social, and Sustainability Sukuk following which Chris Tait (GEFI/UKIFC) will highlight key outputs of the Global Islamic Finance and UN SDGs Taskforce. After that there will be an update on the Tayyib Inspired approach to Islamic sustainable investing. These short presentations will be followed by a round table discussion where we will hear updates from other participants on their activities within the ISF theme.

Fund managers of global shariah compliant investment funds are also encouraged to attend.

The event will be from 1200 – 1345pm (1 hour 45 minutes).