Turn your strategy into story to build belief

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About this Event

The world needs entrepreneurial leaders with new ideas to change the way we eat, move, power, make, learn and look after ourselves and nature. But more urgently, these ideas need support.

Join this one-off workshop with Stronger Stories to learn how to get your audience to believe in your mission as much as you do; by turning your strategy into story.

From this workshop you will:- 

  • Learn about the power of storytelling from history and science
  • Use the Lean Story Canvas to develop a more compelling story
  • Watch as we decode insights from popular Hollywood films
  • Turn your story into an elevator pitch with ease
  • Get access to resources to continue your journey

We’re on a mission to democratise storytelling power, to create change fairer and faster. If you’re trying to inspire change in support of a new vision for the future, either within your organisation or amongst external groups, this is an opportunity to work on the business (rather than it in).

Find out more about us at www.strongerstories.org