The Partnerships Era – ​Scaling Impact and Accelerating the Transition

Atlantic House, Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2FG
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About this Event

​Get ready to dive into an evening with Pineapple Sustainable Partnerships as we unveil the future of collaboration in:

​The Partnership Era
​Scaling Impact and Accelerating the Transition 

​We are returning this year on #InternationalPineappleDay (27th June 2024) and during London Climate Action Week to explore how partnerships are faring in today’s platform enabled world. We know collaboration is key to tackling complex challenges to make good business.

​So how do we make this continue and thrive?

​Are we able to unlock this with:

  • ​System-wide impact: Move beyond individual actions to create lasting change across your value chain.
  • ​Enhanced collaboration: Leverage technology platforms and cross organisational business models to work seamlessly with partners for greater collective power.
  • ​New market opportunity: Leveraging value chain partnerships to fix supply side constraints and accelerate demand in new markets that traditional single organisation business models cannot access alone.
  • ​Long term sustainable business success: Discover how strong partnerships drive innovation and resilience in a changing world.

​We invite you to bring your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your vision for a sustainable future. Let’s toast to new partnerships, innovative solutions, and the accelerated transition towards a greener, more resilient world – it’s time to be part of the change we all wish to see.

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