Textiles Untangled Workshop

TownSq Islington, Macclesfield Road, London
In-person Delivering net zero and resilient London & UK Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action By registration Fashion Professionals

About this Event

Textiles are everywhere! In our clothing, furniture, toys and even computers! But how much do you really know about them? What exactly are our textiles made from? How sustainable are they, really? How far do our clothes travel before we buy them? Where do they go once they are donated?

This collaborative workshop illustrates the complexities and impacts (social and ecological) of the textile industry by using clothing as a case study. You will create the production chain of textiles, learn about the industry’s impact, and then work together to find solutions and actions you can take.

You will learn:

1. Materials 101 – What fabrics should I choose!?!
2. The life cycle of textiles, from raw materials to end of life
3. Textile industry impacts on the planet and on humans.
4. How to think critically of claims made by companies & organizations about their sustainability
5. Notions of circular economy, systems view thinking, and human centered solutions
6. Actions that can be taken on a collective, business, and individual level
All while working together and having fun!

Our main sources: Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Preferred Textiles Report, OXFAM, Fashion Revolution and ADEME.

This workshop is inspired by the pedagogy of the Climate Fresk.

About Climate Clarity:

Climate Clarity CIC is a non-profit tackling the climate, nature and planetary emergencies through systems-building workshops to raise awareness, guide action and train facilitators.