Tackling Fuel Poverty and lowering Carbon Emissions with Networked Heat Pumps

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About this Event

Join us for a webinar featuring experts from the National Energy Action (NEA) and Kensa, who will address the issue of fuel poverty in London and the UK. This event will provide valuable information on the current state of fuel poverty, innovative solutions to combat it, and real-life examples of successful projects.

Featured Speakers:

Matt Copeland: From the NEA will discuss the landscape of fuel poverty, highlighting the challenges faced by households in London and nationwide. Learn about the initiatives and support available to those affected by this critical issue.

Ieman Barmaki, Sustainability Director, Kensa: Hear from Kensa’s expert on how networked ground source heat pumps are making a significant impact in reducing carbon emissions and alleviating fuel poverty. Including case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of Kensa’s solutions and the positive changes they’ve brought to communities.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The current state and impact of fuel poverty in the UK.
  • NEA’s efforts and strategies to combat fuel poverty.
  • How networked ground source heat pumps provide a sustainable, cost-effective solution.
  • Case studies showcasing the transformative impact of Kensa’s projects.

Q&A Session:

There will be a live Q&A session where attendees can ask questions and engage directly with our speakers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of fuel poverty and explore practical solutions that can make a real difference.