Systems Mapping with Youth Campaigners

Islington Climate Centre, Angel Central, 21 Parkfield Street, London N1 0PS
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About this Event

Systems mapping with Youth campaigners:

If you can’t make the 27th June, why not join us on the 25th June (Systems mapping with Youth campaigners | Eventbrite)

Join us at the Islington Climate Centre on the 27th from 1300-1500 for a workshop on systems thinking. The climate movement is undoubtedly complex and while we know that the climate crisis is interlinked with the poly-crisis, it can be difficult to untangle the interdependencies of all the systems.

This workshop is based on a game developed by the Systems Change working group of UK Youth Climate Coalition. In the workshop you will engage with systems thinking and mapping, all framed within climate justice. This helps to restructure systems thinking to find leverage points for action. Built for all levels of experience in climate action.

This workshop is a partnership between the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition and UK Youth Climate Coalition.

Venue: Climate Centre | Islington Climate Centre | England 

Faciliator information:

UK Youth Climate Coalition: UKYCC’s mission is to mobilise and empower young people to take positive action for global climate justice. We are a voluntary, consensus-led, non-hierarchy, and non-profit organisation.

Loss and Damage Youth Coalition: The Loss & Damage Youth Coalition is an international network of young activists and negotiators working to accelerate ambitious action on loss and damage in line with climate justice at the UNFCCC and beyond.