Sustainability Strategies Unleashed: Mobilising Every Sector for Climate Action

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About this Event

The workshop delves into the pivotal intersection of sustainability and business strategy, focusing on key themes including strategies, decarbonisation projects, and sustainability reporting.

In particular, the speaker will:

• Explore the critical issues hindering widespread business engagement with sustainability;

• Delve into the challenges of lacking a common definition for sustainability, failing to recognise its potential as a competitive driver, and the necessity for leaders to grasp the tools required for transformative change;

• Analyse current market trends and business cases on organisations integrating sustainability into their core strategy;

• Gain key insights on the urgency of sustainability engagement and the imperative for companies to act now.


Tecno International aims to stimulate the audience to facilitate a deeper understanding of the intersection between sustainability and business strategy and to inspire action within organisations.

Speaker: Allegra Fortunato, Head of Strategy & Operations at Tecno International

Allegra attained a multicultural and highly competitive education and graduated from Imperial College London. While completing a business-oriented academic path, Allegra embarked upon international experiences with a focus on strategic consulting and business development. Currently acting as the primary commercial interface for the design and delivery of sustainability consulting projects in the UK, she engages in growing the business from the ground up, focusing on business relationship management and development planning.
Allegra is also an active consultant for WIDE, supporting projects focused on the design of sustainability strategies and acting as the link with Tecno International on implementation projects.