Speed Networking with Climate Cardinals: Youth in the Climate Movement

The Goals House
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About this Event

Join Climate Cardinals, the world’s largest youth-led climate advocacy organization, for an hour of speed networking, highlighting the vital role of youth activists in the climate movement. This event welcomes individuals of all ages to explore the power of intergenerational partnerships in driving effective climate action and ensuring the success of future world leaders. We look forward to hearing from each participant on their own successes and challenges within the climate movement (as a youth or non-youth), and welcome a diverse array of ages, interests, backgrounds, and experience . Together, we’ll discuss strategies to bridge generational gaps, share experiences, and collaborate on creating a sustainable and inclusive future for all.

We hope participants leave having gained practical insights and strategies to implement in their own advocacy efforts, established connections for future collaborations, and a deeper understanding of the importance of intergenerational partnerships in climate action. Our aim is for  youth activists to feel supported and inspired by the collective knowledge and resources shared during the event.


Climate Cardinals is an international youth-led nonprofit working to make climate education more accessible to non-English-speakers and catalyze grassroots climate education. We aim to educate and empower a diverse coalition of people to tackle the climate crisis.