Society+ film night: the voices of change

WTW offices, 51 Lime St, London, EC3M7DQ
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About this Event

Join the Thinking Ahead Institute for their annual film night on June 27 in London, Society+: the voices of change in partnership with ClimateCulture.

This event uses human-centric storytelling and platforms marginalised voices, highlighting the interconnection of climate and social issues such as human rights, inequality and the just transition.

This evening will feature a series of short, impactful films, an expert panel of sustainability and investment professionals and an award-winning guest speaker: Joycelyn Longdon.

Joycelyn, an Environmental Justice Researcher at Cambridge University and Founder of ClimateInColour, is an award-winning educator and communicator. Recently featured in British Vogue’s ‘Forces for Change’ Issue, Joycelyn is a leading voice in environmental justice and green technology.

This event is open to all over 16 years+.

We aim to cultivate a deeper personal engagement with societal issues, empowering professionals to drive more positive change.

The Thinking Ahead Institute (TAI) is a not-for-profit research and innovation network motivated to influence the investment industry for the good of savers worldwide and to mobilise capital for a sustainable future.

ClimateCulture is a creative studio dedicated to inspiring systems change through curated film screenings, speaking events, digital experiences and exhibitions. They run the UK’s largest environmental film festival and were featured in the closing ceremony at COP in 2021.