Roundtable: Mobilising climate finance for sustainable cities

etc.venues County Hall Fourth Floor Riverside Building Belvedere Road London SE1 7PB
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About this Event

Tackling climate change and building resilient cities requires significant funding. This roundtable will bring together key stakeholders from local authorities, technology providers and investors to mobilise climate financing. Discussions will focus on innovative financing models, strategies to attract private investment into climate projects, and best practices in public-private partnerships for climate action, specifically focused on:

  • What innovative climate financing mechanisms has your city successfully implemented (e.g., green bonds, resilience bonds, public-private partnerships, etc.)? What were the key enablers and challenges involved in their rollout?
  • How can cities create an enabling environment to attract greater private sector investment in climate-related projects and infrastructure? What are the risks to be managed?
  • What are the most effective models for public-private partnerships in financing climate action? How can cities better collaborate with banks, investment funds, and other private partners to leverage resources and expertise?

The roundtable runs alongside the Cities Climate Action Summit which is taking place in County Hall, London (overlooking the Houses of Parliament). Each session will allow up to 15 delegates to discuss the topics in question and will be moderated by one of the SmartCitiesWorld team.