Roundtable: Exploring innovative policy approaches for climate action

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About this Event

Robust and effective policies are crucial for cities to achieve their climate action goals. This roundtable discussion will convene city representatives to analyse existing policies, identify successful approaches, and discuss innovative policy solutions to accelerate climate progress. The focus will be on policies that drive the adoption of renewable energy, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, and circular economy principles

Talking Points include:

  • What are the most impactful climate-related policies your city has implemented? What were the key success factors? What lessons could be valuable for other cities to consider?
  • What regulatory barriers, financial obstacles, or other hurdles hinder your city’s ability to develop and implement effective climate policies?
  • How can cities collaborate at the regional, national, or international level to streamline policy development, share resources, and amplify their impact?
  • What are some innovative policy solutions that cities should explore for the future?

The roundtable runs alongside the Cities Climate Action Summit which is taking place in County Hall, London (overlooking the Houses of Parliament). Each session will allow up to 15 delegates to discuss the topics in question and will be moderated by one of the SmartCitiesWorld team.