Roundtable: City solutions – powering the future with climate tech

County Hall Fourth Floor Riverside Building Belvedere Road London SE1 7PB
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About this Event

Climate change poses one of the greatest challenges for our cities and the world. Municipal governments, faced with aging infrastructure and the need to protect citizens from increasing risks due to climate change, must find innovative solutions. Fortunately, a rapidly developing sector of climate technology and greentech holds the keys to creating sustainable, resilient, and livable cities of the future. This roundtable will bring together key stakeholders from local authorities to share best practices and explore how to accelerate the adoption of climate-focused technology in their communities.

  • What are the most impactful examples of climate tech and greentech solutions you have already seen in cities?
  • What are the biggest challenges cities encounters when planning and implementing new climate technology? These challenges could involve financing, regulatory hurdles, or public acceptance.
  • Where are the greatest opportunities for cities to leverage climate tech? In what ways can cities better collaborate to share learnings, explore joint projects, and create a more unified voice to stimulate funding and policy support for climate tech initiatives?

The roundtable runs alongside the Cities Climate Action Summit which is taking place in County Hall, London (overlooking the Houses of Parliament). Each session will allow up to 15 delegates to discuss the topics in question and will be moderated by one of the SmartCitiesWorld team.