Roqvn Solutions Beta Testing Event

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About this Event

The Roqvn Solutions Beta Testing Event is a two-day, 1 hour virtual meeting focused on advancing sustainability initiatives and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders. The thematic focus of the event is “Building a Greener Future Together,” with a goal of exploring innovative solutions via our prototype mobile app to handle pressing environmental challenges.

Roqvn Solutions is a startup that creates comprehensive solutions that leverage on community, technology, logistics and partnerships to address the problem of plastic waste and promote sustainability within the industry.

The program features keynote presentations, interactive workshops, prototype testing and networking sessions designed to inspire action and drive positive change. Key topics include renewable energy, waste reduction, circular economy principles, sustainable agriculture, and climate resilience.

The summit aims to facilitate meaningful insights and knowledge sharing on our prototype mobile app from potential consumers, with the intended outcomes of generating new ideas, forging partnerships, and catalyzing action towards a more sustainable future.