Retrofit Reimagined Revisited

Morris & Co, 215 Mare Street, E8 3QE
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About this Event

Dark Matter Labs and Home Energy Action Lab invite you to our film screening and workshop event to celebrate the short film that has been made about Retrofit Reimagined and have a moderated discussion amongst those working in or with communities to decarbonise energy and retrofit their homes.

The order of the evening will be as follows:

1900-1910: Welcome and introductions

1910-1930: Retrofit Reimagined Screening

1930-2030: Discussion in groups and back to plenary around three questions:

What does retrofit mean to you and your community? What is the need for retrofit in your community? Is it a topic of concern for you?
What way would you best support your community to live in better homes?
What resources and capacity issues would be needed and useful to make an impact and gain buy-in?
2030-2100: Mapping and informal networking

As a collective we want to explore how we can come together and understand what support is needed to succeed in creating resilient and thriving neighbourhoods, in the particular context of retrofit. We also want to understand what capacity and richness already exists that would benefit from or coming together to amplify each other’s work and provide a safe and secure sharing space to learn from one another.

Entry is free.