Rethinking the Menu: A Key Piece of the Emissions Puzzle

Tooley St, London Bridge, SE1 2HZ, London
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About this Event

Brought to you as a collaborative event from The Food Foundation, World Resources Institute (WRI) and The Sustainable Restaurant Association (The SRA), this event will provide valuable insights into how Food & Beverage (F&B) businesses can better control their Scope 3 emissions, with a focus on practical actions informed by rigorous scientific research.

Today’s F&B operators are aware of the urgent need to reduce their climate emissions, particularly those that occur throughout their supply chains. Hosted by The Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Managing Director, Juliane Caillouette Noble, this event will share how hospitality businesses can tackle this by redesigning menus to include less meat and dairy, serving more plant-based dishes and – crucially – using a simple but effective ‘health by stealth’ approach to guide customers towards choosing these lower-carbon options.

This informative and interactive event is designed to support hospitality businesses in reducing their Scope 3 emissions through clever menu management.

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