Real-time measurements of marine carbon dioxide removal (mCDR) triggered by wave-driven artificial upwelling pumps

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About this Event

Upwelling delivers colder, nutrient-enriched, and more alkaline seawater from 500 meters depth to the sunlit surface. The extra nutrients grow more single-cell algae called phytoplankton which absorb oceanic CO2 and give off oxygen.  Phytoplankton are the primary ocean food source supporting all higher trophic species – from fish to whales, seabirds to seals – leading to a healthier ocean ecosystem.

The cold deep water delivered to the surface also is beneficial as it directly reduces ocean warming caused by excess atmospheric CO2.

Finally, the more alkaline water triggers a physical/chemical process called “solubility”, increasing ocean pH (countering “ocean acidification”) and directly absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere. Solubility absorption of CO2 is permanent, and is stronger at higher levels of atmospheric CO2, naturally upscaling against mankind’s ever-increasing emissions.

The speaker is Philip Kithil, serial entrepreneur and founder/Managing Director of The Sea Upwelling Company Inc dba Sea-Up (successor to Ocean-based Climate Solutions Inc). His 20 minute talk with 10 minutes Q&A will summarize how wave-driven upwelling pumps work; the expected benefits; costs; marketing; and invite attendees to initiate a project in their ocean location. Advance info at