Quantifying the Human, Social & Environmental Impact of Good Design

185 Park St. Triptych Bankside, London, SE1 9SH, United Kingdom
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About this Event

Spaces and places are designed for the people who occupy them – yet they have a local and global environmental and societal impact. Often, the benefits of positive environmental impact – and specifically to the occupants and society at large – are intangible yet significant. In many instances these benefits lead to economic advantages and fulfill the theory of the ‘Triple Bottom Line.’

Using their own experience, case studies and research, the panel will highlight the impact of thoughtful design on human experience and society. Panelists will also share thoughts on efforts to quantify and monetise the impact of good, sustainable design. The discussion will cover: how the UK government is encouraging inclusion of social value in both public and private projects; how the private commercial sector is responding to social asks and incorporating in their projects; how designers and planners are addressing well-being and greater social benefits; and how social value is being incorporated beyond UK through voluntary certification processes including LEED v.5 and Fitwel across the globe.


·         Joyce Chan-Schoof, RIBA, Loughborough University – PhD Researcher, and UK Parliament – Head of Programme Requirements

·         Federico Montella, MSc CEng, CEPH, BREEAM AP —Executive Director and Head of ESG & Sustainability, Lambert Smith Hampton

·         Varun Kohli, FAIA —Principal & Director of Sustainability, Corgan