People’s Assembly on ‘Heat and Shade’ in Islington

Islington Climate Centre, First Floor (next to Wagamama), Angel Central, Islington, London, N1 0PS
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About this Event

What happens when we experience heatwaves reaching 40°C in Islington? What do we need to do to make Islington cooler and safer for everyone during hot weather?

Islington Climate Centre are partnering with Shade the UK to host a People’s Assembly all about heat and shade in Islington.  A People’s Assembly is a facilitated conversation, it works by bringing a diverse range of people together to pool ideas and provide mutual support. Questions we will be exploring at this event with people who live, work, study or spend time in Islington (including local community groups, schools, sports clubs, businesses and faith groups) are:

-How can we help ourselves to be more heat aware? What are the quick wins to stay cool and safe?
-Do you know of a ‘cool place’ or ‘cool space’ to go to when it gets hot? What can we do to create more of these places and spaces and to let people know where they are?
-Who do we need to look out for during hot weather? How can we ensure the most vulnerable people in our community are OK?
-What can we learn from people’s stories from the 2022 heatwave and hotter cities than London?

Shade the UK are an Islington based community interest company (CIC). They work collaboratively to adapt the built environment and public spaces to protect vulnerable people against a changing climate.

Islington Climate Centre is a local community hub and education centre run by volunteers . It enables community resilience and adaptation for a sustainable future.