People Power: HR’s Seat at the Sustainability Table

Burges Salmon LLP 6 New Street Square London EC4A 3BF
In-person Delivering net zero and resilient London & UK Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action By registration Professionals

About this Event

Join us for an exciting event where People professionals meet to tackle the challenges of driving sustainability through their culture and people.

Gain insights from a broad range of attendees in exploring the challenges, tactics and addressing the critical role of HR professionals in influencing the Board to effectively drive and advocate sustainability practices within their business to foster a culture of environmental stewardship. We will be discussing how to engage and influence your Board, understand the barriers together with strategies that will help drive a change.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights and be a catalyst for positive change in your organisation and the world. Be part of this transformative event and make a lasting impact on sustainability!

A light breakfast and refreshments will be available

Change the culture, change the world.