No Stone Unturned: Circularity in Building Design at the Savile Row, London

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About this Event

Circularity is not an option; It is the only way forward!

We, at PLP Architecture, believe that Circular Economy stands at the forefront of a Sustainable community, leading us to a Sustainable Built Environment. Addressing the climate emergencies, we embark on the journey towards a Circular Economy in Building Construction, chasing the need of the hour! Join us as we unravel the details of the design for the Savile Row which brings a new life to an old asset with its narratives of Sustainability, through wider trends of reuse and circularity.
The focus of the session will be on the circularity narrative achieved on the façade, and here’s the agenda:

  • Introduction on Sustainability and Circularity (Deepthi Ravi, PLP Architecture)
  • Introduction of Savile Row and the overall Circularity strategy (Grace Kan, PLP Architecture)
  • Critique of the existing façade and importance of building efficiency  (Maela Allegretti, ARUP)
  • Repurposing the stone on Savile Row through advanced survey (Robert Greer, PAYE)

The building formerly tailored to be a Police Station, is now envisioned to be a home for a Grade-A Office. Collaboration across the supply chain with specialists such as Arup for Facades, PAYE for Stone Audit, PLP Architecture have been successful in achieving a Low Carbon Innovative Building Proposal. This panel will serve as an opportunity to holistically value the dedication and the commitment of this collaboration to achieve the goals of a Circular Building for London.