Navigating the Net Zero transition for cities & regions

Virtual Delivering net zero and resilient London & UK Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action By registration Culture Development Energy Innovation and Technology

About this Event

Many of the critical actions needed to deliver net zero, particularly in buildings and transport, are local and place-based. Local authorities and their stakeholders are uniquely placed to facilitate and support delivery. The UK’s Net Zero Strategy highlighted that 82% of UK emissions are within the scope of local influence. The delivery challenge is complex, however, and a step change in mindset is needed, introducing new working practices and greater emphasis on collaboration and delivery of local plans with communities, businesses and infrastructure providers fully engaged. This event will explore how local authoriteis and other actors are using their influence to plan and deliver effective place-based local net zero action.

This webinar is most suitable for people involved in planning and/or delivering net zero projects at the local level, particularly in public sector organisations working on place-based energy projects.

This webinar is part of a four-part webinar series from the Carbon Trust offering insights on actionable steps that cities and regions can take to accelerate their journey towards net zero.

This first webinar is part of London Climate Action Week (LCAW2024), 22 June – 30 June. LCAW2024 is one of the world’s largest independent climate change events, bringing local and global experts from across sectors to harness the unique power of London for global climate action.