MASTERCLASS: Less Stress, More Impact – Proactive Resilience for Climate Leaders

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About this Event

So many of us in the climate and sustainability space feel under pressure to keep going, when the scale of the challenge is so great. This is a massive challenge, and we care deeply. We also assume that resilience is something that’s just there for us, and doesn’t need our attention.

BUT! Resilience is like knowledge. We have to keep building it.

You didn’t stop learning when you took your job. So why did you stop looking after yourself

With us you will:

Design your own ready-to-go resilience toolkit

Learn how to stop sabotaging your own needs

Adopt a growth mindset around resilience

Learn how to set practical boundaries with yourself and others

Develop a healthier way to manage eco-anxiety, not keep pushing it down

Understand how your work behaviours contribute to or detract from your bigger mission to change the way the world operates

Learn how to do all of this for those with whom you work too

This is for people who are leading change in the context of the climate crisis:

Sustainability professionals
Environmental and conservation professionals
Community leaders and activists
Climate focused coaches

We are a for impact business. We built the Climate Change Coaches for one reason: to make a positive impact on climate change. We spend a lot of time with new clients really getting to the heart of how we can best solve their problems, so we can be sure we can achieve significant change together.