Managing Climate-related Business Risks Through a Just Transition | Misinformation and Disinformation Risks

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About this Event

Misinformation and disinformation present significant risks for a just transition by spreading inaccurate information through human error (misinformation) or deliberately (disinformation). This type of misinformation can lead to pushback against stronger transition policy and other business-led interventions to address climate change and other socioeconomic challenges, and leads to breakdowns in debate around potential solutions. This inaccurate information affects politicians, employees, and the public, and can negatively inform voting decisions, consumer behaviour, and attitudes towards climate policy, all impacting companies’ ability to achieve their own net zero and broader sustainability targets.

This session will explore how companies can push back against climate misinformation and disinformation by advocating for stronger regulation; using leverage to push for more digital transparency and accountability; and developing effective communication campaigns to promote productive dialogue. It will explore guiding principles for businesses to take forward when taking a stance on climate and human rights-related issues in their communications, while recognising their own challenges.