Making the Market for Carbon Dioxide Removal

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About this Event

To realise the objectives of the Paris Agreement, it is clear that decarbonization efforts need to be supplemented by action to remove existing emissions from the atmosphere. While nature-based solutions offer some remedy to this challenge, the scale and the scope also necessitate a sense of urgency for the development of new technological solutions that require significant capital and years of iteration in order to achieve scale.

NextGen CDR are hosting a roundtable, with speakers from DESNZ, the VCM and major corporates, to showcase emerging CDR policy while highlighting the needs and concerns of corporate stakeholders in how policy is being developed. The discussion will focus on practical steps and considerations of policymakers, with particular focus on the inclusion of CDR in cap-and-trade schemes.

NextGen CDR is the first truly global facility of its kind, bringing together leading multi-national buyers from across Asia, Europe, and North America to promote the market for high-quality, certified carbon removals (CDRs) from technological projects.  NextGen aims to support countries and businesses to build a market for credible, scalable carbon removal by supporting projects that remove atmospheric CO2 emissions at scale