Make London a Sponge City!

The Gallery, 70 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6EJ
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About this Event

There is an urgent need to deliver healthy rivers by creating major new wetlands and rain gardens.

These ‘SUDS’ (Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes) support river health by reducing sewage overflow incidents and by filtering out dangerous pollutants contained in ‘road run-off’. River health is also promoted by wetlands in other ways: they slow the flow through catchments making river hydrology less aggressive, benefit the ecology, and, from a climate resilience perspective, they also provide cooling.

Thames Water estimates we need to capture rain water from 7,000 hectares of impermeable surface. That means we have to install a huge quantity of wetlands and on-street rain gardens.

Recent calls for London to become a ‘sponge city’, and concern from the Government’s Chief Medical adviser that water quality is now a public health issue, only underline that action is needed right now.

This event will include networking opportunities for people interested in this important issue.

Speakers include:

Alice Roberts, Head of Campaigns, CPRE London

John Bryden, Head of Improving Rivers, Thames21

Joe Pecorelli, Programme Manager, ZSL (Zoological Society of London)

Chaired by Anna Taylor, CPRE London

Facilitated by Dave Webb, Environment Agency

CPRE London campaigns to save and promote green spaces in Greater London, and to make our capital city a better, greener and healthier place for everyone to live in, work in, and enjoy.