Madaster Network event: Circularity and climate change in the built environment

Virtual Delivering net zero and resilient London & UK By registration Development Innovation and Technology Professionals

About this Event

As part of London Climate Action Week, Madaster is hosting a round table event to explore the synergies and any potential conflicts between creating low carbon and circular buildings and infrastructure assets.

This session will explore what the data shows in relation to these two topics, how they are being achieved in tandem on projects and whether there is a need to choose between these two outcomes in certain scenarios.  It will start with a series of short presentations after which we will have an open discussion focussing on:

  • Are the impacts of materials included in your net zero pathways?
  • Are you making changes to your practices now to support future carbon reductions?
  • What do you need to be able to incorporate more circularity principles into low carbon developments?

Madaster believes in a circular future. The Madaster platform enables you to create and manage material passports effortlessly and unlock environmental and financial insights about your assets, providing you with data and information to support data-driven decision making and reporting across a wide range of topics.

But we know that as a data platform we are only one part of the solution and that to achieve the changes we desire we need a whole circular ecosystem and collaboration across the supply chain. That is why alongside the Madaster platform we do a range of activities to help unlock the aspects of circularity that cannot be achieved through a data platform.