London Climate Action Week: The Water Gospel (LCAW: TWG)

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About this Event

Climate change impacts and new ways patterns of water use by an ever-increasing population are exacerbating the water scarcity crisis in London.

According to the Environment Agency, London could run out of water within 25 years. Yet, London consumes 2.6 billion litres of water every day, with an average person using 144 litres per day – seven times the amount used by an average person in Africa.

It is therefore important that as we observe the LCAW, we also dial it to basics and centralise water in the climate conversation in ways that resonate with everyone because 78% of Brits don’t even know how much water they use, and a vast majority don’t know what they could do to use less water.

This event is for everyone, bringing together people across society, from members of the public to professionals to discuss the importance of water and our agency for change. We will be challenging our norms and identifying and committing to taking practical actions to take to use less water in everyday life and across businesses and to becoming water disciples.

The keynote address will be delivered by Nicci Russell, Chief Executive Officer at Waterwise – the UK’s leading authority on water efficiency. And discussions will be facilitated by Dr Fatima Ajia, a socioenvironmentalist with over a decade experience working specifically on water including on behavioural and practice change for water efficiency. Fatima is a Lecturer in Environmental Management at Glasgow Caledonian University.