LCAW X Creatives for Climate London Community Event

65 Gresham Street London EC2V 7NQ
In-person Delivering net zero and resilient London & UK Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action By registration Culture Design Fashion Innovation and Technology Other Professionals

About this Event

Join Creatives for Climate London London Climate Action Week event on June 25th.

Creatives for Climate is a global non-profit network of professionals and agencies using creativity to take climate action. From brand strategists to sustainability experts to ethical agency pioneers, we are a network of brilliant minds, hungry for knowledge and committed to change.

London Climate Action Week this June will once again feature as a mid-point in the climate year. Creatives for Climate LCAW’s mission is to harness the connectivity and creative power of London for global and local climate action. Hear from a panel of female change-makers championing creative climate action.

Women continue to be marginalised from the political sphere, risking a sustainable future for all. However, female creative professionals are following their values and using their skills to transform the creative industries into a force for good. Our event panel of industry experts intends to inspire action, provoke conversation and reflect on the progress of climate action across the creative sector from agency to community and fashion.

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