Launch of not-for-profit: Insurance to empower vulnerable communities on the climate frontline

In-person Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action Invite only Development Finance Resilience

About this Event

An invite only launch of a not-for-profit during London Climate Action Week.

The climate crisis falls unfairly on frontline communities. It hits the poorest people first and worst, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

When the climate risk is shared, the burden subsides, and communities are empowered to invest in their futures. Those most vulnerable deserve agency, confidence and the opportunity to choose a better future.

With this new venture, we will make insurance accessible to those living on the climate frontline, enabling them to overcome climate-induced poverty traps. With insurance, people are empowered to successfully prepare for, adapt to and protect themselves from the impacts of climate change.

Shared risks can become opportunities. Greater choice can instil great confidence. Giving hope for the future.

Join us to learn more about this new collaboration as we champion the needs of people disproportionately affected by climate change. Together we can leverage insurance to give agency and choice to those affected.