interregnum: the Art of transition

London Museum of Water & Steam Green Dragon Lane Brentford TW8 0EN
In-person Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action By registration Culture Education Innovation and Technology

About this Event

From the First Industrial revolution to the accelerating Fourth Industrial Revolution. Coal to Digital Technology. The periods in between where humanity harnesses the power of its creativity and decides how best to make our society more sustainable and inclusive.

The world is living a massive technological shift, affecting all areas of our daily life: The automotive industry, aerospace industry, architecture, urbanism for developing countries, alternative electricity production, Civil infrastructure……In a fractured world, we need culture to survive and thrive.

Generations of today and tomorrow need to become versed in abilities such as empathy, imagination, creativity, and the key to develop these abilities is a life-long education that is interdisciplinary, cross-functional, cross-industry and cross-cultural.

Today more than ever, art is necessary to build an emotional framework to make sense of the dialogues at the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Creativity, design, and innovation are fundamental to enlighten, guide and support these dialogues.