‘I, Present’ exhibition – A group exhibition exploring climate emergency through the senses, sustainability, and action

Unit 3 Euston Tower, 286 Euston Rd, NW1 3DP London
In-person Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action By registration Culture Design Nature Other

About this Event

The Climate Emergency is telling us to stop, re-think, and see our surroundings differently. Reconnect, be grounded, step forward. The Climate Emergency needs action! The same action when the sensorial methodology is applied in the arts. Your body takes a new meaningful process through movement and engagement when your senses are involved.

This exhibition explores the Climate Emergency and its dimensions and effects while learning about it with the involvement in, with, and through art, making suggestions to create links between disciplines to support meaning-making and bring in a wider solution for climate change. The exhibition showcases a group of emerging and established artists exploring different art forms and mediums but finding a common ground through a multicultural and sustainable bridge between India, UK, Spain, and Ecuador.

The exhibition counts with a public programme during the whole run, seeking to engage audiences to promote action for climate change while creating alternative and creative opportunities, including: an exhibition opening with live performances, a series of workshops along with a series of talks inviting communities and audiences in and raise their voices. Events registration via Eventbrite.

This project has been curated by Veronica Revuelta Garrido, an interdisciplinary practitioner and independent curator with experience leading and managing ethical and activist curatorial art projects; in partnership with Hypha Studios and British Land.