Hidden handbrakes: an Open Space conversation

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About this Event

Action to halt or reduce further climate change is being blocked by a range of ‘hidden handbrakes’ that the public are broadly unaware of. These range from legal obstacles to subsidies for fossil fuel companies and the architecture of the global financial system.

With funding from The Generation Foundation, we launched the hidden handbrakes campaign at London Climate Action Week in 2023. In the last year we have gathered examples and research about blockers to climate action and social justice, generating press coverage to expose these hidden handbrakes.

This event on 25 June will explore particular hidden handbrakes and discuss ways to release them, expose them to wider scrutiny, and discuss ways the world can continue to address them – with an IIED expert researcher and communications expert in the room with them on each topic.

Join us for this interactive session where we’ll converse, collaborate, and continue to expose the entrenched blockers to climate action.

James Persad, director, communications
Tom Mitchell, IIED executive director
Nina Schoonman, researcher, human settlements
Ritu Bharadwaj, principal researcher, climate governance and finance
Alejandro Guarín, principal researcher, shaping sustainable markets
Simon Cullen, senior press and PR manager