Healthy Futures: Patient-centric Collaboration for a Healthier Climate

Herbal House, 8 Back Hill, London EC1R 5EN, United Kingdom
In-person Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action Road to Climate Ambition at COP 30 Invite only Design Health

About this Event

Join us for a kyu House pop-up at London Climate Action Week.

​To date, much of the focus on tackling climate impact in healthcare has targeted improvement in the environmental footprints of life science companies and medical suppliers, or sought to tackle issues within the health delivery system, for example via NHS Greener. Given the compelling evidence that climate change will intensify negative health outcomes across populations in the UK and globally, how do we unlock the role of patients in driving climate-positive outcomes faster and at a greater scale?

​We invite leaders from patient advocacy groups and life science companies to share thoughts around impact without intensifying health inequalities, inspiring people to healthy climate-friendly behaviours, and using the power of patients to call for innovative greener health systems.

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