Gender, climate action and insurance

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About this Event

This session will bring together academics, insurance experts and the wider climate community to share knowledge at the nexus between gender, climate and insurance.

The aim is to convene subject matter experts to highlight this critical intersection in order to drive action to insert gender into climate finance.

In particular, the discussion will focus on:

  • The academic side of gender and climate. What does it mean, why is it important. Illustrated by  examples
  • The practitioner’s point of view. What do insurance products that focus on gender actually look like and how can we take it from theory to practice. Illustrated by examples
  • An NGO experience – how theory and practice applies to on-the-ground experiences. Illustrated by a specific initiative

The event is aimed at academics, climate scientists and insurance experts.

Run of show:

8:30 Registration and refreshments

8:45 Panellist discussion

9:00 Group discussion

9:20 Closing remarks

10:30 End.

We welcome max30 people in person and others online who will be able to participate in the first panel Q&A / listen. Regrettably, we cannot welcome people online for the group discussion part.