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About this Event

Since 2011, the annual Future Fabrics Expo (FFE) is the largest dedicated sourcing destination of certified, sustainably and responsibly produced materials for fashion, home and interiors. The Expo is also an educational platform for understanding the impacts of our raw material and fossil fuel dependencies, sourcing responsibly and operating within planetary boundaries. FFE also provides a platform for cutting edge innovators who are developing solutions for the fashion industry of tomorrow. Our Seminar Series runs alongside the showcase amplifying the key Expo themes and featuring the insights of global thought leaders and industry pioneers throughout the value chain.

What to Expect:

● 10,000+ materials and solutions on display: within the materials sourcing showcase discover and experience thousands of globally-sourced certified and best practice textiles curated according to fibre categories or ‘material personalities’ and contextualised with educational information. Each material is labelled with detailed sustainability information, environmental certifications and supplier details.

● Thousands of commercially available materials that contribute to the diversification of the fibre basket, to accelerate the transition away from synthetics and conventionally grown and produced fibres. Included in this category are textiles from regenerative agriculture farming systems, agricultural waste innovations and regenerated cellulosics.

And much more!