Bringing Biodiversity in the Loop

The Conduit, 6 Langley St, London
In-person Delivering net zero and resilient London & UK Invite only The Conduit Design Development Education Politics and Policy Professionals

About this Event

o   An exclusive CSO summit hosted by Dassault Systemes, curated by Kite Insights in collaboration with The Conduit, on the occasion of LCAW.


6:30pm Fireside Chat: Inspired By Nature

Join a fireside chat on how a business with biodiversity ties shifts from a linear to a circular model, blending commercial and sustainability goals. Businesses’ relationship with the Earth is often a story of “take, make and waste.” But just as often, nature inspires business with its efficiency, resilience and beauty.


In this fireside chat discussion, we’ll hear from a business with deep connections to biodiversity about how evolving from a linear to a circular model can accelerate the alignment of commercial and sustainability goals.



Dr. Philippine de T’Serclaes, Chief Sustainability Officer, Dassault Systèmes

7pm Will Technology Save Biodiversity

Will technology save biodiversity, or will technology distract us from the regeneration nature needs?


Our planet’s biodiversity loss is so dramatic that it may be unrealistic to address the crisis through “natural” methods alone at the necessary rate and scale. We need to accelerate technological solutions like AI to map biological processes, refine carbon removal, and invest in geo-engineering to regulate our environment. On the other hand, a crisis in nature should call for natural solutions: a return to sustainable practices that could catalyse other contemporary regenerative business practices.


Humanity’s relationship to technology has gone far enough and done enough damage to last generations. Will technology save biodiversity, or will technology distract us from the regeneration nature needs?



Michael Okoroafor, Chief Sustainability Officer, McCormick

Beth Knight, Head of Social Sustainability for Business & Commercial Banking, Lloyds Banking Group

Helen Crowley, Senior Advisor, Pollination