Financing just oil and gas transitions: what is the role of transition plans?

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About this Event

This event is hosted by WBA, an organisation which assesses amongst other topics the credibility of companies transition plans. This LCAW side-event will be linked to the theme of Financing Global Climate Transitions – the road to COP29. It will showcase the level of transition plan readiness for different types of oil and gas companies (in particular National Oil Companies (NOCs)) and how financial actors and policy makers can support a just and credible transition of these companies. In order to drive change, financial actors and regulators have a key role to play through the financing and technical assistance they provide. Similarly, increasing the scale and quality of climate finance in line with the negotiated NCQG and initiatives such as the Clean Energy Transition Partnership will be at the centre of discussions at COP29. The event will include speakers from WBA, Reclaim Finance, IISD and the EBRD. Amongst other questions asked the event will examine what are the levers that MDBs and other financial institutions have at their disposal to scale the quantity and quality of clean energy finance? Which banks are currently funding NOC? What are the options to redirect these financial flows and what role can transition plans play in the process?