Fashion, Web3, and AI for Climate change

The City of London
In-person Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action By registration Fashion Innovation and Technology Resilience

About this Event

Get ready to be inspired, connect with like-minded change-makers, and contribute to a greener, more resilient future with fashion for our planet with 5D Hub community.


5D Hub is hosting an exclusive event, bringing together pioneers and visionaries from the Fashion Industry, tech innovators in Web3 and AI, and sustainability experts. Themed around “Fashion, Web3, and AI for Climate Change,” this gathering is set to ignite a movement towards a more sustainable and low-carbon fashion ecosystem.

Through captivating discussions, Q&A, and networking sessions, participants will explore cutting-edge solutions and technologies aimed at reducing the industry’s carbon footprint while embracing sustainable practices. Collaborations forged during the event will drive actionable initiatives, foster cross-industry partnerships, and elevate awareness about the crucial role of fashion in combating climate change.