Empowering Futures: Integrating Inclusion in Climate and Education Systems

1 St John's Lane, London, EC1M 4AR
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About this Event

Join us for our dynamic panel discussion, ‘Empowering Futures: Integrating Inclusion in Climate and Education Systems’, where our esteemed panelists will delve into the crucial nexus of climate action and education. Drawing from global expertise, the discussion will highlight exemplary approaches to integrating education, gender equality, and climate action. With a spotlight on the UK’s climate change education model, we will explore its applicability and potential for international development.

Our panel aims to underscore the pivotal role of international, national, and local initiatives in fostering climate resilience and transforming education systems. Key topics of discussion include addressing challenges such as access to education for girls, mitigating learning disruptions during crises, combating gender-based violence in schools, and advancing gender equality in climate action and STEM education.

Through the sharing of best practices, case studies, and model approaches from diverse global contexts, our speakers from Cambridge Partnership for Education (CPE), Abt Global, Adra UK, and Save the Children will inspire actionable insights for creating inclusive and impactful climate and education ecosystems.