Electrifying the UK: Strategies for Corporate Fleet Transformation

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About this Event

Climate Group is an international non-profit organization focused on driving climate action by building large networks and engaging with influential businesses and governments. Climate Group’s initiatives aim to accelerate the transition to a net-zero carbon economy.

EV100 is Climate Group’s flagship transport initiative, bringing together companies committed to switching their fleets to electric vehicles (EVs) and installing EV charging infrastructure by 2030. This initiative aims to make electric transport the new normal and promote sustainable business practices globally.

The EV100 event at London Climate Action Week will be a one-hour panel discussion that will bring together industry leaders to discuss the future of UK fleet electrification. Potential speakers will consist of leading EV100 members based in the UK, including BT OpenReach, AstraZeneca, Currys, E.ON, and others. The session will highlight critical policies the new government needs to implement to support corporate fleet electrification, such as enhanced incentives and improved charging infrastructure. Attendees will engage in robust discussions on innovative strategies and shared success stories, emphasizing the collaborative effort required to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles in the UK.