Earth for All 2024 Survey: Results Launch

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About this Event

Earth for All 2024 Survey: Results Launch
25 June 2024, 14:00 BST

What do people around the world think about political and economic transformation?

Join a webinar to explore the results of a major new survey which asked 22,000 people across the world’s largest economies their opinion on issues from tax reform to democracy.

The Earth for All 2024 Survey, commissioned by Earth4All and the Global Commons Alliance and carried out by Ipsos, reveals overwhelming public support for progressive tax reforms and broader political and economic changes to reduce inequality and increase wellbeing. This webinar will present the findings and discuss their implications in a year where billions of people worldwide go to the polls.

Earth4All started as a vibrant collective of leading economic thinkers, scientists, and advocates, convened by The Club of Rome, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the BI Norwegian Business School. Earth4All builds on the legacies of The Limits to Growth and the Planetary Boundaries frameworks. Science is at the heart of our work. We rethink capitalism and move beyond GDP for a safe, secure and prosperous future in the Anthropocene. Find out more: