Driving climate action through immersive media design

London College of Communication, SE1 6SB, London
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About this Event

The Departure Lounge is a cross-platform virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) experience designed to combat climate fatigue, foster behavioural change and galvanise community action around climate change. It is a dynamic and interactive experience, intended to reinvigorate a wide audience, from policymakers and community leaders, to climate activists and young people. More than mere spectacle, we want to produce a meaningful tool that promotes a profound understanding of the challenges we face and that enables users to devise authentic strategies for re-imagining alternative futures based on sound and accurate science.

Co-design is a fundamental part of our development process and to that end we’ve devised a series of interactive labs bringing together experts from the fields of climate science, social sciences and extended reality to ensure the tool is accurate and effective.

The first of these labs will focus on locating key elements of climate change that may be usefully visualised through immersive technology, and explores how to best embed learning.

Date and time: 24th June, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm (3.5 hours)

Format: facilitated discussion and collaborative breakout activities

Who We Are: We are a loose collective of academics, immersive media professionals and committed artists in London and Bilbao, working under the umbrella of UAL’s London College of Communication and in partnership with immersive production studios in Germany.