Culture & Climate: The Social Element of Climate Change

Virtual Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action Open entry Culture Education

About this Event

This event will be a 30mins talk.

This event aims to discuss the the sociocultural aspect of the climate crisis, specifically in relation to the 4th focus point of the London Climate Action Week: Mobilising whole of society climate action. The topics discussed will be:

  • Cultures and their relationship to the environment
  • The importance of the environment to indigenous and ethnic communities
  • How climate change is affecting livelihoods and survivability of culturally important trades and traditions
  • How climate activists, NGO’s, academics, and governments can support healthy conversations regarding climate and culture to create social sustainability
  • What social sustainability looks like

The goal of the event is to raise awareness regarding the importance of sociocultural elements in climate action and supporting communities globally. To highlight the necessity of understanding cultural differences, to be able to contextually address climate change.

Intended outcomes are:

  • Increase social awareness regarding cultural aspects of the climate crisis
  • Increase awareness regarding the importance of community-based approaches in addressing climate change

About Us: AlManakh (the Arabic word for climate) is a youth-led non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness regarding climate change impacts and sustainability in Kuwait. We do this through research, education, and community engagement.