Climate reporting in a fragmented world

Virtual Road to Climate Ambition at COP 30 Open entry Culture Development Diplomacy Education Politics and Policy Professionals

About this Event

What role can journalism from around the world play in supporting constructive climate discussions as we head towards COP30 next year? Dialogue Earth’s editors and reporters from the UK, China, Kenya, Brazil and Indonesia discuss.

The discussion will be held via X spaces and will last approximately one hour. Our 45 minute panel discussion will be led by Dialogue Earth CEO, Sam Geall, followed by a Q&A section with the audience.

We hope this open discussion with our global team will highlight the importance of geopolitically even-handed reporting and constructive dialogue on key environmental issues.

Dialogue Earth is an independent non-profit dedicated to producing exceptional environmental journalism and informed conversations on urgent climate and sustainability topics. We serve the global movement for sustainability with compelling environmental journalism, delivered through local voices and knowledge, to build trust and encourage cooperation.