Climate Innovation Forum: Financing Adaptation to Accelerating Climate Change Impacts Roundtable

Guildhall, Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HH
In-person Financing Global Climate Transitions By registration Climate Innovation Forum Professionals

About this Event

The Climate Innovation Forum returns for the 6th year as a Flagship Event of London Climate Action Week on Thursday 27 June in London’s Guildhall. The Climate Innovation Forum will include a series of roundtables running concurrently with the main agenda. Hosted by our partners, these facilitated, 60-minute, deep-dive discussions will explore specific challenges and opportunities of delivering a net zero, just and sustainable world.

Financing Adaptation to Accelerating Climate Change Impacts roundtable hosted by IIED

Around the world, businesses and communities are facing more extreme weather events and slower onset climate impacts like sea level rise or water salinisation. We are seeing withdrawal of insurance, supply chain disruption, and extreme heat prohibiting people from working. Adapting to these impacts and being proactive in protecting people and value is now a priority for all. This roundtable looks at how this adaptation can be financed, the main sources of funding and the innovative options. It also considers adaptation as an investment opportunity in the rapidly growing market for resilience-building goods and services.

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