Climate Fresk Workshop

Framestore, 28 Chancery Ln, London WC2A 1LB
In-person Delivering net zero and resilient London & UK Mobilising Whole of Society Climate Action By registration Fleet Street Quarter

About this Event

If you don’t know Climate Fresk, you need to know it.

In order to take action and build solutions, we first need to understand the problem. Climate Fresk is a powerful tool for providing a quality climate education. It is accessible to anyone and can be scaled quickly within an organisation or community.

It’s scientific: The facts in Climate Fresk are sourced from the most respected scientific publications: the IPCC reports. These are the same reports that inform global political and economic decision-making at the highest level.

Climate Fresk is neutral and objective and presents only established scientific facts.

About Climate Clarity:

A social enterprise from the UK focusing on spreading tools for education and engagement on sustainability topics, from climate and biodiversity as a whole to sector-specific workshops like digital technology and textiles.

About Climate Fresk:

The Climate Fresk NGO has been working to bring people and organisations on board with the climate transition since the end of 2018. They do this by enabling the rapid growth of climate education and shared understanding of the challenge that climate change represents.

They began this mission in France and are now active in over 150 countries around the world. Climate Fresk has been growing exponentially, doubling the total number of workshop participants every 5 months. A testament to the educational tool itself, and the user license.