Climate Financing for Sustainable Agriculture – A breakfast briefing with farmers

Riding House Bloomsbury, 1, Brunswick Centre, Bernard St, London WC1N 1AF, United Kingdom
In-person Delivering net zero and resilient London & UK Financing Global Climate Transitions By registration Nature

About this Event

Come meet British regenerative farmers who have switched to sustainable farming practices and hear how climate finance has supported this transition.

The ‘Agreena breakfast briefing’ is an informal small group event where corporate sustainability leaders can directly interact with farmers who are leading the transition to a sustainable food system. Its objective is to provide opportunities for direct conversations between farmers and corporations. We believe this kind of engagement is necessary to discuss and understand why soil carbon is truly a game-changing climate solution for everyone. In this briefing, you can speak to local British farmers, ask questions, and hear about their experiences as they transitioned from conventional farming to regenerative agriculture.

About Agreena

Agreena unlocks the power of soil carbon removals and natural capital to finance the transition to regenerative agriculture. Working in close collaboration with partner farmers across 19 European countries, AgreenaCarbon is Europe’s leading soil carbon programme. Combined with market-leading satellite monitoring technologies, Agreena’s solutions can support farmers, companies, and governments on the road to net zero.


The event is open to corporate sustainability professionals, with limited seats available for the general public. Please register, and we will send you a confirmation email if we are able to accept your registration.